Build a Blue Ridge Web Market Booth

Follow the instructions below and on the next few screens to create a booth for your business.

To begin building your BRWM booth, please read and agree to the terms of use below.

Before you start, please take a look at some of the booths already established in the BRWM to get an idea of how to build your own.

The BRWM is hosted and operated by the Mountain Area Information Network (MAIN), the nonprofit community network serving 12 counties in western North Carolina.

Terms of Use

The Blue Ridge Web Market (BRWM) is an effort by the Mountain Area Information Network (MAIN) to help WNC small businesses and micro-enterprises participate in electronic commerce. The BRWM is a cyberspace version of an old-fashioned public market, where visitors can stroll among booths and stalls filled with goods and services from locally-owned enterprises. The BRWM was originally funded by AdvantageWest, Madison County, MAIN, Land of Sky Regional Council, Handmade in America, Appalachian Regional Commission through the Governor's Office Connect NC Program, and the Mountain Micro-enterprise Fund.

The following are the Terms of Use for businesses participating in the Blue Ridge Web Market:

    Participating businesses agree to:
  • read, understand and accept the BRWM terms and conditions
  • comply with all federal, state and local laws,
  • refrain from posting material that violates copyrights or intellectual property rights in their BRWM booth,
  • respond to all sales orders and purchase requests in a timely manner, with the suggested time-frame of 48 to 72 hours,
  • provide advance notice of periods when they will not be able to respond to sales orders and purchase requests within the suggested time frame (i.e. you are going on vacation),
  • keep the information about their business and product lines in the BRWM registration form and booth current and accurate,
  • determine their own shipping and handling methods,
  • attend periodic meetings to discuss the progress of the BRWM
  • provide data and information, as requested, to assist in evaluating the BRWM.
  • release MAIN, its Board and staff, and any institutions with which they are affiliated, from any and all claims of any nature arising from participation in the BRWM, or the inability to use the BRWM.
  • compensate MAIN and its Board for any loss suffered by any of them by improper use of the BRWM.
Violating any of the above provisions can be grounds for removing the vendor booth and terminating the obligations of the BRWM and MAIN.

The BRWM agrees to:

  • provide an automated webpage template to allow participating businesses to market a limited number of products over the Internet to a larger market (each business will be able to display a maximum of 6 products in their BRWM booth),
  • list the market on the top search engines, with the listings being maintained quarterly. Additionally, the site will be linked to local web sites that promote the Western North Carolina area
  • offer participating businesses without their own e-mail provider the ability to check, via a web page, an e-mail address provided by the BRWM,
  • provide a method for an individual to get on a business's mailing list,
  • provide referrals to local business assistance resources
  • and promote the market through local and national media sources whenever possible.
The BRWM reserves the right to refuse to carry content which it deems is inconsistent with the mission and principles of the BRWM, or incompatible with the technical requirements of MAIN. Priority will be given to participants whose goods and/or services reflect the culture -- past and present -- of the southern Appalachian region.

MAIN and the BRWM cannot be held liable for the accuracy of any content on its site.
MAIN and the BRWM retains ownership of the web site design, wording and images it contains.
MAIN and the BRWM do not guarantee increased sales or revenue.
MAIN and the BRWM do not guarantee that the system will function error-free or uninterrupted, or that it will meet any specific requirements participating businesses may have.
MAIN and the BRWM are not liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages caused by the use or operation of the system, or the inability to use the system.

MAIN and the BRWM will NOT distribute data or information on the participating businesses to commercial organizations or private individuals. However, MAIN and the BRWM reserve the right to use aggregate data to report to funders, develop ways the program could be improved and to secure grant funds to continue and expand the program.

MAIN and the BRWM reserve the right to revise this agreement as necessary.