The earning window

You to not need a garden to create an earning garden. It is possible to create a miniature earning garden in your own home by using your windowsills. If you want to be a little more ambitious you can place a table next to the window to be able to grow more plants or you can also put shelves in the windows that supports multiple levels of plants. If you have very large windows you might be able to grow plants further into the room or on the floor.

Safety first

The first and most important thing to consider when you are building an earning garden indoors is safety. Water can cause a lot of damage in your house or apartment. So can wet soil if it ends up directly on the floor or on the windowsill. Your fist concern should therefore be to protect your apartment or house. Always use different types of protectors to make sure that dirt and water stay where they are supposed to be. You should also keep your eyes open to any mold or rot that you can see forming. This should never happen but it is a good idea to keep an eye out for it none the less so that you are prepared if something goes wrong.

There is also always a risk that you introduce pests such as Pharaoh ants into your apartment or house with new plants. These can easily be eradicated as long as you spot the infections quickly and take immediate steps to resolve the infestations.

Growing herbs and vegetables indoors

The most common way to create an earning windowsill is by growing different herbs and vegetables that you can use in your cocking and that can save your money. This can both save you money and make your food taste better. Fresh spices from your own plants will always taste better than dry spices you buy in the store.

How much herbs and vegetables you can grow in your home depends on how large windows you have and the position of those windows. It is a lot harder to grow something in a north facing window than it is in an east or west facing window. West facing windows are usually the best windows to grow in. South facing windows can also be very good but there is always a risk that they get too much sun and that the plants get burnt. In this case you need to put a shade cloth in the window. A plant leaf that is close to the glass in a window might get brunt even if the same amount of sun wouldn’t hurt them outside. Plants that are used to being in a window with less light might get burnt in a window with more light until they can get accustomed to the new conditions. It can be good to protect them during the transition.

There are a large number of plants that can be grown in a window to save you money. It is usually best to stick to smaller species that do not need too much space. Herbs that are used in cooking such as thyme, oregano, chives, tarragon and basil are all good options that can be grown in a window. They grow quickly and one or two plants of each is enough to provide you with all the spices you need.

Other good options includes different types of chili and cherry tomatoes. Basically any plant that do not grow too big is a good choice. Some larger species can be good options if you are willing to give them the space they need. An example of this is that cucumbers can be grown in the window as long as you have a large window and do not mind that they will cover the top of the window with cucumber hanging down from the vines.

Research the plants that you like to eat and see which ones you want to grow. Do not be afraid to experiment. I recommend that you avoid root vegetables since they are hard to grow efficiently. They need large pots and requires a lot of space. They are also very cheap to buy. It is therefore better to devote the space to species you can grow more efficiently.

Growing seedlings

It can be profitable to plant seeds on your windowsill and sell small plants to people who want them. This technique can be combined with growing your own spices as described above. You can plant more seeds than you need and then sell everything that you do not need for yourself. How easy it is to sell plants depends on where you are and how many other gardeners there are in your area. It is usually easy if you live in an area where a lot of people have gardens. Many people prefer to buy plants rather than having to care for the seeds and seedlings.

It can be especially easy to sell your seedlings if you focus on rare types and heirloom types. Different plants that you cant buy at the local nursery. Many people want to buy at least one or two plants if you tempt them with a purple heirloom tomato or something else a little bit special.

You can also offer to plant and care for the seeds for other gardeners for a fee. They do not need to have the baby plants in their house and they do not need to care for them. You get to earn some money. This can be very good if you are in an area where people want unusual types of plants but still do not want to plant the seeds themselves.

Selling cuttings

Another option if you want to have windows that looks more traditional is to sell cuttings on eBay and different forums. To do allow you to have beautiful flowers in your windows and to still make money. How much money you can make depends on how large windows you have, how much you chose to grow in each windows and what types of plants you grow. Some plants are popular but cheap. Other are more expensive but have a smaller customer base. Many of these species can still be very easy to sell.

You can earn more money by putting shelves in the window so you can have more plants. I recommend that you focus on plants and flowers that you like even if there are other plants that could be more profitable. To focus on plants you like will often allow you to give them better care. It will also make sure that you enjoy the look of the windows in your home.

Exclusive plants

You can earn a lot of money from selling cuttings if you specialize in growing only rare expensive plants in your windows. Many Hoya species are a good example of plants that grows quickly and that can be very profitable. Orchids can also be profitable but they often grow more slowly so it can be hard to get a good yield. The important thing is that you focus on exclusive plants that have devoted hobbyist collecting them. You will have to spend a lot of money buying the mother plants but it can be very profitable and allow you to buy ever more exclusive species. Do not be afraid to import species that aren’t available in your area and do not be afraid to spend a lot of money to be the first who is able to offer a new species.