The earning garden

Welcome to our website about how you can set up a garden that is not only beautiful to be in but that also makes you money. To do so can be very easy and very rewarding. It is a good way to be able to afford the garden you always wanted but that you feel that you can’t afford. It gives you a good reason to spend money on your garden since the money you spend on the garden no longer is wasted but rather invested in a venture that earns you more money.

The main key to creating a stunning earning garden is to be patient and not try to move too quickly. If you are a beginner, then you should start out by growing easy hardy plants and then move on to more exotic and expensive plants as you get more experienced. Don’t worry. That you are growing easy to grow plants does not mean that it is harder to make money. These plants are actually the by far easiest to make money from. They are often referred to as bread and butter plants because there is a large demand for them and they are responsible for a large part of the profit of any nursery.

There are two main ways to make money from your garden. You can either design a garden that produces things that you can sell and earn an income from or you can design a garden where you grow your own food that reduces your grocery bill and thereby earn you money. The last type of earning garden is a lot more common and is very popular at the moment since everyone wants to eat more healthy. What could be healthier than locally grown food from your own garden.

Which alternative that is best depends on the size of your garden, the climate where you live and how skilled you are at keeping plants. I usually recommend that you try to design a garden that earns money in both ways. A garden that produce things you can sell and that allows you to cut down on your grocery bill. There are however situations when it is hard to do both. One such situation is when you have a very small garden.

On this website, you can read a lot about different methods that you can use to create an earning garden. Which method that will be best for you depends on how big your garden is, where you live, how much effort you are willing to put in, how much money you want to earn and many other factors. You can read about the benefits and drawbacks of the different methods in the articles we have devoted to them.

Deciding to design an earning garden

The first step to creating an earning garden is to decide that you want to build one. This is not a decision that should be taken lightly. You will need to stay devoted to it at least one summer to see any results and it will take several years before you and your garden reach your full earning potential. I recommend that you wait a few weeks and see if you still think it sounds like a good idea to create an earning garden. Remember that it takes commitment and sacrifice to be successful. It will, however, be very rewarding if you are willing to commit to it. It might feel like a lot of sacrifices for very little gain in the middle of the season but if you stick to it you will get a big reward at the end of the year.

Most people who fail to create an earning garden fail in the middle of the first year. Most people who stay committed to the end of the year keeps going year after year. And many of them become very successful earning a lot of money while other is satisfied just growing a large part of the food they and their family needs.

Do I recommend that you create an earning garden: Yes I Do

Do I think you will find it rewarding: Yes I Do

Is it possible to earn a lot of money: Yes.  An earning garden can be more profitable than stocks and less risky then digital options and CFD certificates.  A garden allows you to use sweat equity then increase your profit. This is not possible when you invest in financial instruments.

But I still think you need to be certain that you are willing to devote yourself to it before you start. If you do not you are likely to fail. And no one likes things they fail at.

Getting started

The first thing you should do once you have decided that you want to commit yourself to create an earning garden is to decide what type of garden you want to create and what your goals are. Do not set your goals too high during the first year. Set goals that are ambitious but not impossible.

Make sure to adjust your goals to your budget.  You can not expect to start making a lot of money right from the start if you do not have a large budget to start with.  You can make money with a small budget.

Depending on what kind of garden you want to create and where you live you might be able to start work right away. In other situations, you might have to wait until next spring. That you have to wait until next spring does not mean that you can’t do anything until then. There is a lot of planning that can be done so that you are ready once spring comes around. This includes planning the layout of your garden, which plants you are going to grow and a lot more. In many situations, you can work on improving the garden to make it optimized for the next growing season even if you can not start planting yet.

You can also turn your window sills into miniature earning gardens. This can be done at any time of year and can help you be more successful. You read more about that in our article about the earning window.

Community co-operation

It can often be very beneficial to co-operate with other people in the neighbourhood that also wants to create earning gardens or that already have earning gardens. There are a lot of people that have earning gardens without knowing it since they do not think about all the money the vegetables they grow save them on groceries.

By co-operating you can grow more different species and be more successful. It can often give a lot larger total harvest if each person in the co-op focuses on a low number of different species and that you then share all the vegetables grown. This also allows you to grow a wider total selection and devote more space to rarer species or species that is nice to have but that you might not be able to fit into your garden if you have to grow everything in the same garden.